Microalgal Services


Microalgal Services is an Australian laboratory with high-level expertise in identification and monitoring of marine phytoplankton.

Microalgal Services is NATA accredited to carry out identification and enumeration of microalgae and cyanobacteria from marine, estuarine and freshwater environments.

We specialize in:

  • analysis of algal blooms
  • phytoplankton surveys and monitoring
  • aquaculture quality assurance
  • phytoplankton identification and taxonomy
  • ballast water and sediment analysis

We provide services and advice to :

  • aquaculture industries across Australia
  • state and federal government departments
  • fisheries, environment, research and regulatory organizations
  • universities
  • port authorities
  • environmental consultants
  • local councils

Customer Service:

Microalgal Services is in the unique position of being able to provide immediate, personalized customer service. All clients have direct access to management and analysts by phone or email whenever required. This enables us to respond immediately to requests, and to provide feedback as a project develops. Through this approach, Microalgal Services is able to assist in project design, suggest methods and modifications, and provide general advice on phytoplankton whenever necessary.

Microalgal Services is located in Ormond, Melbourne, with full access to metropolitan courier services. Its central location means that samples from most Australian capital cities can be received before 9am on the day following collection. After hours/weekend access is available for urgent samples, and rapid (same day) turnaround of samples can be arranged if necessary.